Sunday School PowerPoint?

So, I was in Sunday School today when the instructor gave his lesson through a PowerPoint presentation. There he was: laptop, projector, and fancy remote to flip through the slides crookedly spilled past the pull down screen onto the wall. Before he started, I wondered to myself: "Am I about to hear a timeshare sales pitch?"

At one point in the lesson, our row (the back row as it turns out) was asked to take turns reading out loud what was on the screen. When it came to his turn, the guy next to me squinted at the white text on blue background and said, "I feel like I'm at the eye doctor!" We all laughed.

Tonight the roommate and I were discussing how odd it was to have this technological intrusion into Sunday School. We thought of several more flippant comments we wish we had made:
  • PowerPoint? Wait, I don't even have the syllabus yet!
  • Is the text required?
  • How much does the text cost? Can you get it used?
  • Do we need ALL FOUR books?
  • Do I need to get a Scantron form?
Fortunately, we thought better of ourselves and didn't make a fuss. In all reality, the lesson was fine, just a slightly unorthodox presentation. Of course, the presenter has branded himself as a hard core nerd, so I hope he's okay with that.