Subtle Signs

If you look around my house, you will see the subtle signs of bachelorhood. I say subtle, because the roommates and I keep a pretty clean and well ordered place. There is no pyramid of empty soft drink cans, pile of empty pizza boxes, or any hint of locker room smell. The carpets are vacuumed, pantry well stocked, kitchen well outfitted, and you won't find a TV in the living room. The furnishings are a little sparse, but still comfortable. Despite this, things are still slightly amiss, and I think that any off the following would clearly show that you are indeed visiting a bachelor pad:
  • The university sticker in the bedroom window.
  • The plant growing out of a nalgene bottle (I've been meaning to plant it, I really have!)
  • The plastic darts stuck on the kitchen window.
  • Reading material in all the bathrooms.
  • The Christmas tree with only one ornament.


  1. Don't forget the Christmas lights hung over the stairs instead of the bush outside because you are too cheap to get anymore. :0)

  2. Those lights were a mistake! I didn't mean to get them in the first place...

    [grumble, grumble]


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