Soy un perdedor….

Actually, I’m not, but the company I work for is.  Well, sort of.  It’s not so much that we lost as that we didn’t win.  Is that the same thing as losing?

We were competing for a rather large contract; working double time for the last several months to try and convince a bunch of people that we don’t know with a bunch of money that isn’t theirs that we’re the right people for the job.  And well, we didn’t do that.

It happens all the time in my line of work.  The thing that’s interesting is how people react to the bad news.  Some took it really personally.  Others of us, like me, really didn’t care.  (Well, not too much.)

Sure, it’s hard not to rejection personally.  But it happens.  The thing is that it’s really not personal.  It just means it wasn’t a good fit.  Either that or they’re idiots.

Maybe there’s a lesson there?

In either case, it’s nice to not have to work late.  If rejection means getting more sleep, I’ll take it.