Falling in the shower is so embarrasing!

I'm not sure there's anything more embarrassing than falling in the shower. One minute you're lathering up, singing, and enjoying the magic of the hot water and steam, and the next thing you know, you're on your ass on the cold tile floor, wrapped in the clingy wet shower curtain that you vainly clutched on your way down. As I lay there, wedged between the tub and the toilet, legs in the air, awash in polyurethane sheet, all I could thing of was, "I'm not done. The shower ritual isn't over yet."

And it's true! In this process of showering, I can't just admit defeat, towel off, and change into my clothes -- I'm still covered in soap and now somewhat cold. Instead, I have to get back into porcelain container that had so rudely ejected me just minutes before. So, I propped up the shower curtain and climbed back into the shower. With my serenity shattered, I found the remainder of the shower to be much less soothing.

I think I'm going to have to get some of those rough pads that adhere to the bottom of the shower. It's either that, or resort to baths.


In the beginning...

Not a very original title for a "first" blog post, is it? Certainly not.

Blogging is an interesting phenomenon, when you think about it. Why on earth would anyone be interested in the random thoughts of another person? You'd think that everyone has enough random thoughts of their own. But, for some reason, humans seem intrinsically interested in what other people think. Perhaps the human condition necessitates this collective self-consciousness.

So, I'm choosing, at 2 am, to contribute to the mush of thoughts that is the blogosphere. Perhaps my musings will go unnoticed. If not, I will certainly wonder who would read such things as I would post.