Save me from my garden!

I have visions of tomato plants engulfing me in my sleep. Its terrifying. I only planted 6. Three grape tomato plants and three regular tomato plants. They're huge! And they're totally harassing the yellow peppers. They've pulled their cages right out of the ground like Frankensteinian monsters that have finally broken their restraints and are now going to rampage through my neat furrows of peppers, herbs, and carrots.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the garden, the squash is threatening both the corn and the zucchini. If this were World War Two, the squash would be Nazi Germany, slowing gathering strength and encroaching on adjacent countries until it decides to launch it's blitzkrieg attack on the neighboring plants. This morning I launched a counteroffensive with my pruners. Damn it, I'm not letting the squash take Czechoslovakia or Poland!

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