To shave or not to shave...

I'm conducting an informal and very unscientific poll regarding my facial hair. About 3 months ago on a camping trip, I let my beard grow unabated and grew accustomed to the persistent itching. Since then, I've trimmed it once a week, and enjoyed the little bit of notoriety that comes with changing looks. Some people have responded positively, while others seem indifferent. So, I'm interested to hear what the world thinks.

Here are three pictures of myself with varying amounts of facial hair. They are shown in chronological order. After the mission, I grew out the goatee and kept it for several years because I thought it helped me look older (I was concerned that my ample cheeks would give me an overly youthful appearance.) I then went back to shaving for several years, which started largely due to a relationship. (She seemed impressed that I was willing to shave off the goatee. I'm not really sure why, since it would only take a week to get back...) And that brings us to now; my first attempts at a full blown beard. The bearded picture below shows the hair in it's recently trimmed state -- it ends up being a little fuller and darker than that at nominal length.

On the right of the page, you should see the poll. Vote for which look you think suits me and my 28 year old self best! (Mom, you only get one vote.)