Learned from the 7th Row

Things learned from the 7th row:
  • My life would be unbelievably awesome if I had two blonde backup singers.
  • If you have so much back fat that it hits my knees when you sit down in the row in front of me, you could have what some might consider to be a "weight problem."
  • NASA should investigate the super-cohesive properties of beer in plastic cups. I don't understand how clearly inebriated people can carry overfilled glasses to their seats without spilling a drop.
  • No one looks good in a tube top. There are no exceptions to this rule. Anyone you think might be attractive in a tube top will instantly become a skank upon it's application.
  • I don't see a problem with you taking your teenage daughter to a concert; in fact, it could be a good way to connect. However, you should definitely NOT try to out-dress her.
  • No, the blue-ish glow from your cell phone is not as cool as an actual lighter.
  • I love it when a band refrains from using the tired old lines : "You guys are the best crowd all tour" and that "We love coming to [wherever]" We know that touring is hard, and we're thrilled you stopped by.
  • It's awesome when band-mates are clearly enjoying their own show. It's a great to see the grins, laughing, and joking around on stage. Everyone should enjoy their work.