So, I'm in San Diego this weekend. It's been a great time so far. Road Trip! After a 12 hour drive from Salt Lake, we arrived in San Diego at 5:00 AM. (Insane, yes. Worth it, yes.)

We spent the day in La Jolla, walking about, enjoying the beach. (More about that later.) The highlight, though, was while we were waiting for people to get out of the restroom. We were waiting near the little valet parking kiosk, when this really nice Mercedes convertible pulled up. A really short guy in designer jeans got out, but left a woman in the car. She spent the next 10 minutes peering into the rear view mirror, applying her face -- and I mean applying, there was concealer, eye liner, the whole ball of wax. While this was going on, the designer jean man was catching up with the valet guys about this totally awesome porno that he had seen last night.

Finally, the woman was done, and sitting there in the darkened car. Finally, the designer jean man looks over and says, "Oh, she's done! Will you go get her?" The valet wanders over to the car, opens the door, and the woman indignantly sticks her arm straight out as if to say, "You're going to help me, right?" Finally, when she rises out of the car, a certain, um, shall we say, pair of surgical improvements become apparent. She's clearly out of proportion. No wonder she needed help.

I hope they never have children.

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