I'm evil?

I'm worried I might be evil.  Not evil in a Beelzebub, demon-spawn kind of way, but "evil" in a wicked sort of waked.  No, not wicked in a Laman and Lemuel hit-your-brother-with-a-rod sort of way ... but I digress.

Last night I was woken to strange sounds and what appeared to be some sort of disco a few houses down.  I thought maybe it was a holiday lighting experiment gone awry, but when I look out the front door, I could see a huge firetruck blocking the street.  This morning, I came to find out that the neighbors had a fire in the basement.  Fortunately, other than some smoke inhalation by the one person who was home, everything was okay.  Driving by today, there's no visible evidence that there was a fire.

I texted my sister and troll in residence about what had happened.  She replied: "Oh dear!  Should we do something neighborly?"

My response: "Like what?  Get them a smoke detector?"

See, that's what I mean by wicked.  That's the kind of response that would make my dad roll his eyes say my name, but draw it out into two long, disapproving, syllables, "Joo-ohhn", while rolling his eyes.

So sorry world, for being wicked.  I'll try to behave.