I Have a Quota

Some people enjoy receptions. Generally we called them "women." I have a quota for the number of wedding receptions I will go to in a year. The quota is currently set at two. Yes, two. How did I arrive at such a number? Well, it's an average of how many receptions I end up attending each year. It's kind of like going to the dentist. More than twice and you should be taking better care of your teeth.

It's not that I don't like the people that are getting married. If they were having a BBQ, I would probably come. I'm also not trying to get out of buying a gift, since I generally like giving gifts. But, getting dressed up on a Friday/Saturday evening and then walking through a long line saying hello to people I don't know isn't on the list of favorite activities. Actually, that sounds suspiciously like a funeral. Except funeral food is frequently better. (Funeral potatoes, people?)

So, which receptions will I attend? Relatives' and roommates'. But I've already been to two this year, so if you want me to come to yours you have to get married in 2011. But, don't be sad, it's just one less hand to make and one less awkward hug. So that you can get on to more fun activities.