People are like...

People are like:
  • ants. We spend most of our lives making piles of things, building places to keep our piles, and then moving those piles around. Example: We make piles of dirty laundry. We move the piles downstairs to wash them. When clean, we pile the folded clothes back into the dresser. When our piles get to big for the house, we get a bigger house.
  • hamsters. Put us on a wheel, and we'll run for hours, going absolutely nowhere, and for no apparent reason. We even drink out of plastic water bottles, though they are rarely affixed the side of gym by old bread bag twist ties.
  • dogs. We look like we're listening intently, but the moment you turn your back, we'll probably go do the exact opposite of what you told us to do. We also chase our tails and love people who might be mean to us.
  • cats. We love to be petted when it suits us, but pretty much want to be left alone the rest of the time. We tolerate your presence only because you feed us.
  • goats. We'll eat anything.
  • pigeons. Scatter around an incentive, and we'll flock together in a chaotic frenzy. When it's all over, we don't care where the poop lands.