Things that scare me...

As a male in his late 20s, few things scare me anymore. My capacity for rational thought has made it possible for me to watch pretty much any scary movie, eat medium-rare steaks, and drive 80 mph on the Utah interstate, all without being paralyzed with fear. There are a few things, however, that still scare me. Some of them are more rational than others.

Things that frighten me:
  • Cheese in a can. Especially disconcerting if mixed with aerosol propellant. Note that I eat it anyway.
  • Sitting next to someone with a 6 month old child on a cross country flight.
  • The "people" in computer animated cartoons. For some reason, they always look like Chucky to me.
  • Wal-mart greeters: if this is what happens to the elders of our society, then we all have reason to be concerned.
  • Catching the heel edge of my snowboard while traveling at high speed. The feeling you experience as your body's momentum whips the back of your head into the mountain is not soon forgotten.
  • Huckabee or Clinton as president.
  • Being alone.